STD 20 Solar Thermal Collector


Stop paying for hot water.

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STD 20 Solar Hot Water System

20 Tube Solar Thermal Collector For Hot Water Heating.

Equivalent to 1.2kW

Heats over 210 Litres in Summer, and over 100-125 Litres on a good solar day in the middle of Winter

Ideal for 1-2 people

Recommended cylinder size 180-250 Litres – can be fitted to all types

Can be fitted to as small as 135 Litre copper or stainless cylinders (not glass/enamel lined cylinders)

ICE STD20 Dimensions W1400 X L2000

Check out our solar info page for more info on solar or compare solar here

This high powered system uses evacuated glass tubes with copper and aluminium inserts to deliver 1.2KW of free energy to your home.

If cylinders are being replaced, use a Solar Ready Copper or Stainless cylinder for best performance. See our Peter Cocks Range or use our custom made option.

– Mature technology – Very quiet system – No on going payments – No fixed term contracts – Solar energy is free energy – Uses very little space on roof – 10 year warranty

– Little to no moving parts – Looks great on your roof – Our solar systems are durable – You can use solar energy all day – Can add more systems in the future – Low to no maintenance

– Generally takes 1 day to install – Carbon offset, near zero emissions – Designed for New Zealand conditions – Top quality materials and technology – Can be combined with photovoltaic