Save Money  – Boost Your Property Value – Help The Environment

Solar Is the most energy-efficient, cost-effective, water heating option available,
powered by the sun’s unlimited source of free energy.

Our solar saves the average family over
$100 every month which is over $1000 per year!
Being conscious about energy efficiency is slowly catching on.
This is because power prices are rising every year at a rapid rate! We are
also building bigger homes stacked with more bathrooms and more electrical
technology which is driving our electrical prices right through the roof. There are many
ways to make small reductions in your power bill, from Installing LED lighting, high-quality
home insulation and buying energy-efficient appliances. Although this is a good start,
installing a solar thermal system makes the biggest impact on your power bill by far!

– Mature technology

– Very quiet system

– No on going payments

– No fixed term contracts

– Solar energy is free energy

– Uses very little space on roof

– 10 year warranty

– Little to no moving parts

– Looks great on your roof

– Our solar systems are durable

– You can use solar energy all day

– Can add more systems in the future

– Low to no maintenance

– Generally takes 1 day to install

– Carbon offset, near zero emissions

– Designed for New Zealand conditions

– Top quality materials and technology

– Can be combined with photovoltaic

So How Does Solar Thermal Work?

Install Solar Thermal – Wait for Sunrise

Let the System do its thing

Free Hot Water at your Disposal

Looks Pretty Simple huh? Well it is!

But if you’re anything like me, you want to know how the engine turns, and here’s how….

As the sun pops out for the day, it strikes the evacuated glass tubes on the solar collector,

this can be at any angle due to it’s 360° design. The glass tubes are a double walled, vacuum sealed cylinder, with heat reflectors inside. A copper heat pipe inside the glass tube then captures the heat energy absorbed from the sun’s UV rays. The copper heat pipe then transfers the heat to the top of the manifold where they connect. Water is pumped through the manifold and down through the insulated copper pipe that cycles water from the manifold to the hot water cylinder and back. This loop is run on an automated system controlled by our smart controller and water pump. We have optimised these controls for maximum performance of your system and to make it as simple as can be.  “Plug and Play”

Install to a solar-ready cylinder

Preferred option:

Want the most out of your system?

Installing a solar-ready cylinder ensures that.

Our solar ready cylinders have dedicated solar ports for your solar to connect onto and twin elements, one at the base and one mid way. This helps when your system needs a small boost on a cold, rainy day and heats just the top of the cylinder. They also come with special probe sockets to get the most accurate temperature readings.

Retrofit to an existing cylinder

Second option:

Not in a position to install a new cylinder? Then don’t.

It is easy enough to connect right onto your current cylinder. Connections are made through your cylinders cold feed with a special retrofit valve. Your element will be connected to the controller as a backup for rainy days. The Probes will be specially inserted into your cylinder and can still give you a good reading.

When Do I Need A Building Consent?

The Financial Objective:

Most investors see any investment of 10% and over as an extremely attractive investment, particularly in the current economic climate. Usually the higher the returns the higher the risk of the investment. Our Solar Systems have a ‘savings return’ starting at 20% depending on the water usage and heating arrangement that the Ice Solar System is replacing. This is a no risk and simple investment with extremely high returns for your money.