What you need to know


Keeping your whole house warm during the cold winter months can be difficult and expensive if you rely on a heat pump or gas fire. With the new ULEB fire technology you can keep your whole house warm and cosy for much cheaper. ULEB fires are much more environmentally friendly than a traditional fire letting of little to no emissions, this also means you will be using less wood. Don’t forget the added benefit of a wetback so you can use your fire to help top up your hot water cylinder. ULEB log burners can be used in all sorts of locations across New Zealand where other fires are no longer allowed.


Where Can They Be Installed?

ULEBs are Clear Air Approved for all zones.

They can be installed anywhere in Christchurch, Canterbury in any new or existing homes.

Nelson: If you live in Airshed B2 (Stoke) or Airshed C (Brook, Maitai, Wood, Atawhai) you can also install a ULEB

Please get in touch with us if you live outside of these areas.


ULEBs are the cleanest burning fires with over 65% efficiency.  All our ULEBs are over 70% efficient.

They also only take up a small amount of space due to their vertical design and most models have been inspired with new, modern looks.


Wetbacks are a great way to assist with heating hot water in winter. Combine it with a solar thermal system and you will rarely need electricity to heat your water, saving you over $100 a month.

What fires support Wetbacks?

Although wetbacks are not available on all fire models, we do offer a large variety of wetback options.

  • Tropicair duo (ULEB)
  • Woodsman: Aspen, Flare, Tarras MkIII, Tasman MkII, Flare
  • Masport: Osburn 1600,
  • Herald 80B
  • Water booster- Woodsman: ECR Novo
  • Water booster- Masport: R1500, R5000, R10000

Please note: Wetback options for these fires come at an extra cost of around $300 – $400. Some wetback options are rural only.