Energy Star Warranty

• Solar Thermal Collectors 10 Year Performance Warranty.
• Solar Thermal Collectors 7 Year Manufacturing Warranty.
• Pumps & Controllers 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty.
• Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders 7-10 Year Manufacturing Warranty applicable to Energy Star Warranty (all hot water cylinders as per manufacturers guarantee).
• Low & Medium Pressure Hot Water Cylinders 5 Year Warranty (all hot water cylinders as per manufacturers guarantee) – (low & medium pressure cylinders not Applicable for Energy Star Systems – or Energy Star Warranty).
• Elements and Thermostats in cylinders have a 1 year warranty as per all cylinder manufacturers warranty.
Ice Solar Products have been tested by Applied Research Ltd to meet Australian & New Zealand Standards. In the unlikely event a solar thermal collector shows a material or manufacturing defect or performance degradation within the guarantee period, you can, in addition to the legal warranty rights, which you have versus
your supplier, claim according to the guarantee by Ice Solar Ltd.

This guarantee applies only for solar thermal collectors supplied by Ice Solar Ltd.

Product Guarantee

Scope of the product guarantee

Ice Solar guarantees product performance to 10 years as detailed under Performance Warranty in this warranty document.

If a defect related to material and/or manufacturing occurs within a period of 7 years with the solar thermal collector (2 Year for pumps and Controllers) you can claim based on the guarantee to Ice Solar Ltd. The guarantee is restricted to the following component parts: frame, glass, evacuated tubes, manifold and the parts that make up the solar thermal collector and as supplied to the customer as invoiced by Ice Solar Ltd.

The guarantee does not include defects, which are caused by improper handling, product modifications, installation, operational errors or 3rd party influences.

The guarantee period starts from the day you purchased the solar thermal collector from Ice Solar Ltd. The provision of reimbursement within a guarantee claim does not prolong the guarantee period.

Poor water Quality may void this warranty. If you have mineral content in your water it is recommended to have your water tested to ensure stability with copper (solar) stainless steel (mains pressure) cylinders.

Guarantee claim

Ice Solar will full fill the guarantee obligations for the defect at its own choice with a free of charge replacement of the defective solar thermal collector. Costs for dismantling/reinstallation are not covered by Ice Solar Ltd.

The guarantee excludes further claims on Ice Solar Ltd in particular for lost profit, compensation, consequential damage or claims for replacement of products not covered under this guarantee.

Performance Warranty

The following performance warranty is only related to degradation losses of a solar thermal collector and not to further defects of the solar thermal collector.

Scope of the performance warranty

If within a period of ten 10 years from date of sale through Ice Solar Ltd the performance of the solar thermal collector falls below 80% of the minimum output value of the solar thermal collector, as specified in the Performance Data, Ice Solar Ltd will at it’s sole discretion, insofar Ice Solar Ltd deems this degradation to be a degradation of the evacuated tube, glass or film and after first validating any heat loss with standard measurement devices under standard test conditions, determine to repair or replace the solar thermal collector or provide additional.

Evacuated tube heat pipes to cover the loss in heat generated.

The guarantee applies to fixed installations only and excludes mobile installations.

Exemptions of warranty

This performance warranty does not include any performance losses which are caused by inappropriate treatment, operational errors or 3rd party influences.

The performance warranty especially does not include performance losses caused.
• by faulty system components, mounting system construction including fittings and accessories supplied and/or installed by others.
• in the case of controllers, water damage or damage by external electromagnetic, power surge, or similar circumstances that the controller could not reasonably cope with.
• by installation via untrained and unprofessional personnel.
• by coupling Ice Solar thermal collectors with components of a different specification.
• by incorrect system layout, system configuration and mounting.
• by incorrect connection and installation work or through faulty handling during such work.
• by operation in unsuitable environmental conditions or through unsuitable methods deviating from the specifications, operating manuals or labeling.
• by unsuitable maintenance and unsuitable testing, glass breakage caused by outside influences, flying objects or outside forces such as vandalism or theft, forces of nature or civil unrest.
• by the effects of soiling on the front glass, defects caused by smoke, salt, chemicals and other types of soiling.
• by usage on mobile units like ships, boats, or other vehicles.
• by natural forces (like earthquakes, typhoons, twisters, floods, lightning strike, indirect lightning strike, snow, avalanche, mudslide, insects ) or other unforeseeable circumstances.

Scope of warranty Costs for de-installation and re-installation, tests conducted by the customer, and other indirect costs are not covered by Ice Solar Ltd.

Making claims against product guarantee or performance warranty.

In order to claim against this product guarantee or performance warranty, you need to provide the receipt, from which the purchase date can be seen, the exact model name.

The claim should be sent in writing to:
Ice Solar Ltd – 87 Heaton Street, Merivale, Christchurch, New Zealand

The defect or performance degradation has to be claimed within the respective warranty period. A copy of the receipt should be enclosed with the letter.

Ice Solar Ltd does not accept any returns of solar thermal collectors without prior written approval.