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Reduce your pool heating costs by up to 90%

Extend Your Swimming Season
Install an Ice Solar pool heating system to ensure that you get the most out of your swimming pool this season  Spring-Summer-Autumn. With free heating from the sun! Traditionally pool heating has been very expensive and makes it hard to justify spending all your hard earned money on heating when you can only use the pool a few times a year.
Most people only use the pool in the peak of summer. Now with a Solar Thermal System, it is easy to heat your pool with no on-going costs and extended swimming seasons. Take the plunge today! So you can keep on swimming with a smile on your face.


Reduce your pool Running costs by up to 90%

Ultra Low Energy Pump

•  Quiet Pumping Cycle

•  Variable Speed Motor

•  Lowest Speed 450 RPM

•  Highest Speed 3450 RPM

•  Speed 1 – 750 RPM

•  Speed 2 – 1500 RPM

•  Speed 3 – 2350 RPM

•  Speed 4 – 3110 RPM

•  8 Programmable Speeds

•  Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Low Running Cost  •

Filtration Basket  •

Slim Profile  •

Display Screen   •

Control Panel  •

Three-phase Motor  •

Low-Temperature Operation  •

Same Technology as in Hybrid & Ev’s  •

Install an Ice Solar pool pump – filtration system to ensure that you get the most out of your swimming pool. With an Ultra Low Energy Pump you will be saving up to 90% on your pool pumping & filtration costs. The standard single speed pumps draw a huge amount of power and do not give you as many features. The Ice Ultra Low Energy Pump is amazingly cheap to run and quiet. Talk with us today to see what we can do for you. Go green and clean in every aspect of your home.


Relax, let robo clean your pool for you

Pool Cleaning Has Never Been Easier
Robo is your new best friend! Robo is a robot pool cleaner that goes around cleaning your pool for you so you can enjoy more time soaking up the sun. Robo features 2 main modes with a 3-hour cycle and a 5-hour cycle.
Robo also comes with a handy remote, so if he’s already in the pool from last nights cycle you can use the remote to get a morning clean in before you head outside for a dip. It’s all about convenience and cleanliness.