Ultra Low Energy Pump – Pool


The Ice Eco Pool Pump is a variable speed, ultra low energy pump.


Eco Variable Speed Pool Pump – Programmable

Ultra Low Energy Pump

The Ice Eco Pool Pump is a variable speed, ultra low energy pump that is also programmable.
Reduce your pool running costs by up to 90%
Uses the same technology found in Electric Cars (EV)
Cost savings, quiet operation and long service life the Eco Variable Speed Pool Pump Is a very valuable investment.
This pump uses 180 – 200 watts compared to traditional pumps at 1500 watts, this is all done without any compromise on performance.

Eco-Friendly – Energy Saving

•  Quiet Pumping Cycle
•  Variable Speed Motor
•  Speed 1 – 750 RPM
•  Speed 2 – 1500 RPM
•  Speed 3 – 2350 RPM
•  Speed 4 – 3110 RPM
•  Plus 8 Programmable Speeds
•  Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
•  Low Running Cost
•  Filtration Basket
•  Slim Profile
•  Display Screen
•  Control Panel
•  Three-phase Motor
•  High Efficiency in Low Temperatures
•  Colour: Black

Each programmable speed has its own on and off time for extra high performance.