ICE81Q Standard Controller


Ice Solar Standard Solar Controller

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ICE81Q Solar Controller for Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating

Prewired & Preprogrammed, Simply Plug and Play

This Solar Hot Water Controller is an intelligent controller allowing up to 3 pumps for different zones as such as a pool, spas, radiators, hot water heated towel rails, ring mains etc.

  • Power supply: AC 230V
  • Accuracy of Temperature: within 1º
  • Waterproof Grade: IP40
  • CFR Frost Protection for Collector
  • Legionella Control
  • Holiday Function
  • Manual Heating
  • Memory Protection
  • Timing  Heating
  • Pump Interval Functions.
  • Eco Mode
  • Intelligent Heating
  • Incremental Speed
  • AUX Time Clock Spare Relay Available, or AUX Thermostat Spare Relay Available for T1 – T5 use as Thermostat