Solar Master Triumph Custom Hot Water Cylinder

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The Triumph – Solar Masters Cylinders are fully customisable to suit your needs.

Please note these are custom cylinders. Enquire today to make a custom cylinder.

The Solarmaster Combo hot water cylinder was developed as a multiple use unit for use with Solar, Wetback and Electric heating. All this while remaining to operate at “Mains Pressure”. All units are designed to operate at 500 KPA. This allows for both hot and cold water to be distributed at the same pressure. The main storage shell is manufactured from exceptionally high strength duplex stainless steel. Some of the additional features of the Solarmaster Combo are:

•    Can be setup in conjunction with either a gas or diesel fired boiler.
•    Generally suitable for use with all town supplies.
•    Can be manufactured specifically to meet a client’s exact requirements.
•    Commercial cylinders are available in varying volumes and sizes up to four thousand liters.

5 Year Warranty

By Sigma Sheetmetal Products Limited