Solar Station – ICE981S

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1, Features:

  • Application capacity
  • Max.number of collectors: 2
  • Max.number of storage tanks: 2
  • Max.number of relays: 4
  • Max.number of sensors: 7
  • Max.number of application system: 15


2, Technical datas:

1 Dimension:  420x280x155mm
2 Power  supply: 200V-240V  AC  or  100V-130V  AC,50-60Hz.  .      
3 Power  consumption:  < 3W 
4 Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 2oC
5 Range of collector temperature measuring: -10oC ~200oC
6 Range of tank temperature measuring: 0oC ~100oC
7 Suitable power of pump: 3 pumps possible to be connected, power of each pump < 200W . 
8 Suitable power electrical heating:1 relay for 1500W(1500w-4000w must be use SR802)
9 Inputs: 5sensors, 
       7pcs*Pt1000 sensor (≤500oC) for collector (silicon cable≤280oC),
       4pcs*NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for tank, (PVC cable ≤105oC), 
10 Outputs:4 relays, for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve 
11 Ambient temperature:-10oC ~ 50oC.
12 Water proof grade: IP42.  

3, Main functions:

1 Pump  support: Normal  Pump or high  efficiency  pump
2 Set  up  clock/week
3 THET  Timing  heating 37
4 CIRC  DHW  circuilation  function  activated  /deactivated
5 tCYC  Tempeature  or  time  setting  for  DHW  pump  in  three  time  sections
6 DT  Temperature  difference  for  solar  circuit  pump
7 EMOF  Maximum  switch-off  temperature  of  collector  (for  collector  emergency  close  function)
8 CMX  Maximum  limited  temperature  of  collector  (collector  cooling  function)
9 CMN  Low  temperature  protection  of  collector
10 CFR  frost  protection  temperature  of  collector
11 REC  Recooling  temperature  of  tank
12 SMX1  Maximum  temperature  of  tank  1
13 SMX2  Maximum  temperature  of  tank  1
14 MAX1  Maximum  switch-off  temperature  for  heat  transfer  between  tank  and  heat  return
15 MIN1  Minmium  switch-on  temperature  for  heat  transfer  between  tank  and  heat  return
16 MAX2  Maximum  switch-off  temperature    for  heat  transfer  between  heat  exchanger  and  tank
17 MIN2  Minmium  switch-on  temperature    for  heat  transfer  between  heat  exchanger  and  tank
18 C_F  Switch  between  Celsius  and  Fahrenheit