Tropicair Duo ULEB Ultra Low Emission Burner


The Duo has a large functional cooktop and is up to 44% cleaner than other CM1 tested ULEB’s available in New Zealand

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Tropicair Duo ULEB Ultra Low Emission Burner Fire

Flue Kit + Heat Shield

-Wetback Optional
-Hearth Optional



  • Peak Output 15.1kW (During emission testing)
  • Estimated Peak 18kW (If Tested, Applied Research calculation)

The Duo is 44% cleaner than a Bionic fire, 35% cleaner than the Waltherm and 25% cleaner than the Xeoos as per their official published emissions figures. Emissions figures being g/kg and percentages quoted are accurate to 2 decimal places.


Christchurch owned and operated, Tropicair is your source for quality home heating appliances. We offer the best of locally made wood burners and log burners. We also proudly manufacture and sell our own Tropicair brand of wood burners come view the showroom at 34 Sandyford Street, Sydenham.

For more info visit: Tropicair Duo.